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Bought for my daughters 8 and 11 years old We can make a lot of bracelets All the colors are there great gift idea My daughters love them They will be busy for the whole summer making bracelets to offer I highly recommend it you will not be disappointed

Irene R.

I'm really happy to have bought this box it is beautiful and very girly. It is a very very complete box have seen that it is working and thought out. The material is of high quality and there are even small pouches so as not to lose them or to offer. Ideal box for girls !

Judith D.

Barely received my daughter rushed to open it and she wanted to make a bracelet directly. Huge choice of pearls. There is a QRcode for inspiration. I recommend this product

Annie P.

Amazing products, you get so much for your money too, I’m very very impressed. Great quality too.


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